JA-YE Europe JA-YE Core Programmes

What is it?

JA-YE Alumni Europe is a network of former JA-YE students from around Europe. They have different cultural backgrounds and different values but they all have the same goals:

  • to continue to develop and learn through involvement with JA-YE
  • to help local JA-YE organisations
  • to inspire, motivate and guide current JA-YE students to fully explore their potential
  • to build bridges between school and work life
  • to organise big local and global projects together with other Alumni organisations
  • to expand the JA-YE network and support it with human resources and expertise

JA-YE Alumni continue to develop their soft and business skills by participating in national and international JA-YE Alumni events, programmes and activities such as the annual JA-YE Alumni conference or the “Manager for a Day” programme.

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