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FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, social innovation, responsible business…these are all very hot topics right now. They are also concepts that are appealing to young people who like the idea of business applying its skills and ingenuity to solve social problems in sustainable ways.

The FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship aims to celebrate current or past participants of JA-YE entrepreneurship programmes from anywhere in the world, who through their JA enterprises have created a positive social impact in various fields of activities. They have the driving passion to change social patterns and make them better, by introducing new products/services or technologies, or by having a different approach than the traditional one.

Awards are given to young entrepreneurs who have achieved a positive social impact through their activity and they show personal commitment towards facilitating social development.

Social entrepreneurs are characterized by:

  •     Clearly defined social goals and the potential for impact

  •     Real innovation that gives better savings or value creation than existing solutions in the region of operation

  •     Clear identification of target market (customers and partners)

  •     A service or a product that can be applied by others or in other geographical areas (i.e. scalable)

  •     Capacity to build a sustainable organization and thereby realize their vision (leadership/talent/people)

The applicants will be featured in a new publication called “Social Entrepreneurs of the Year”. The ultimate winner of the FERD Award for Social Entrepreneurship will be announced at the Awards Dinner during the JA-YE Europe Company of the Year Competition in Oslo in August 2011.

Criteria for selection:

  •     Applicants must  present an innovative and practical business model that aims to solve a social problem

  •     The business idea has the following characteristics: innovative, sustainable, scalable, and replicable.

  •     Applicants must  have participated in a JA-YE entrepreneurship programme

  •     Applicants must have set up their own enterprise, and run it successfully for at least one year

  •     Applicants must be under the age of 40 years old on March 1st 2011

Deadline for completed applications: March 1st 2011

Contact:  Roxana Stefanescu

To download an application form click here