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"EwB provides students with an opportunity to extend their network across geographical, economic and cultural borders. The result is an opportunity to grow their business in new markets and to gain invaluable experience working in a globalised and multi-cultural economy. In addition, students have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices with like-minded peers in other parts of the world. This unique experience teaches students vital business skills and can be a catalyst to generating successful entrepreneurs who are at ease in a globalised, multi-cultural business environment.”

Orfhlaith Ni Chorcora, Senior Director Marketing, Oracle Education Foundation

“Students from my school in Bergamo (Italy) formed a partnership with a group of students in Norway and together they set up a board and created a company. Through online collaboration and an exchange visit the team developed a franchise project to engrave a range of products to sell in their individual markets.

It’s been a great success and the students have learned lots of vital skills from running their own business and working with their colleagues in Norway.”

Armando Persico, link teacher for Engraving Your Life from Italy

“Our mission is to raise the security and comfort of all cyclists. Our customers, all over the world, acknowledge our outstanding quality and service. “QuickSet” is a bicycle kit containing: a rain poncho, a rear light and a reflecting bracelet. Besides producing bicycle kits we organise a number of bicycle afternoons which are aimed at children in elementary school.

“As part of the EwB-project we have cooperated with two Portuguese companies; AE Eureka and AE Reinvertarta. This last group has already bought several products from our company. It is a very instructive and great experience for us to trade internationally with our young enterprise”

Quick Set Student Company, Koninklijk Technisch Atheneum, Mol, Belgium