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What experiences did participants in Company Programmes have during their time as company founders – and what happened to the participants in the years afterwards?

The JA-YE Europe Company Programme 2007 Survey Report investigates the level of entrepreneurial activity among alumni. The main findings include:

  • 15 % had started their own businesses (between the ages of 20 and 29).
  • 36 % plan to establish a business within the next three years
  • 84% would recommend Company Programme to others
  • 85% of the JA-YE students are still running their company

The complete report can be viewed here.

In 2008 Young Enterprise UK launched an alumni evaluation to find out what impact the Company Programme has had on their lives (compared with a control group). The key findings of the evaluation were that alumni:

  • have better future earnings. In particular in the 30+ age group alumni earn a third more than their peers.
  • are twice as likely to start their own business.
  • have a greater appreciation of their skills and the opportunities available to them on leaving school.
  • are more passionate about their jobs than their peers
  • are more successful in their careers than their non-participating counterparts.
  • are more likely to get involved in voluntary work
  • ranked Company Programme as the most significant experience they drew upon when establishing and building their own ventures.
  • felt that Company Programme contributed to their skill development more than anything else, including work experience, extra-curricular activities and school.
  • said Company Programme was the activity that best prepared alumni for work.

A full copy of the evaluation findings can be downloaded here.